Emergency Medical Technician – Basic

This course offers didactic and practical training in critical thinking skills, crisis intervention, emergency scene management, proper recognition and management of medical emergencies, trauma patient care and general ambulance operations. Course methods of instruction have been re-formatted to prepare graduates for future paramedic education. Curriculum is in accordance with the State of Ohio Division of EMS with testing by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. EMT is taught by a team of instructors who are actively employed in Northeast Ohio’s Emergency Medical Services. They bring real world experience, hands-on learning and clinical opportunities to students during their training. Scenario based field experiences and ambulance ride-time make our program unique.

Admission requirements:

High school diploma or equivalent (enrolled in the CVCC Adult Diploma Program is acceptable).
Valid government-issued ID. Appropriate medical documentation. Background check required.

Emergency Response Programs Adult Education Student Handbook


Fall 2024
Start: 9/09/24
End: 1/30/25


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