An internet technician is repairing or maintaining a fiber optic connection by opening a fiber optic connector.

Fiber Optic Technician (FOT) Program

Fiber Optic Technician career training
This 40-hour training program prepares a student to acquire entry-level skills to become a Fiber Optic Technician (FOT). An FOT member of a crew performs installation, troubleshooting, termination, splicing, testing, maintenance and repair of fiber optic cables for essential telecommunication systems; including personal wireless communications, public safety communications, utility networks, and broadcasting. The FOT performs their job duties inside and outside of homes and buildings.

Admission requirements:

High school diploma or equivalent (enrollment in CVCC Adult Diploma Program is acceptable). Valid government-issued ID. 

Student payment plan is available to those who qualify. Job search assistance is available.

Industrial Careers Adult Education Student Handbook


Fall 2023
Start: 10/3/23
End: 11/21/23


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