Technician using Tablet Computer to Monitor a Cell Tower

Telecommunication Tower Technician (TTT)

Telecommunication Tower Technician (TTT) career training
This 180-hour training program prepares a student for an entry-level tower technician (working at heights) position in the telecommunication sector. Topics include safety, basic rigging and fall protection, principles of electricity, fiber optics, wireless technology, cell components, antenna basics, and spectrum management. Tower technicians are on the front lines of connecting America’s rural, unserved, and underserved communities to broadband and high-speed communications services. As the need for broadband services grows across the globe, tower technicians and communications infrastructure contractors will be called upon to install communications and broadcast towers that connect rural, unserved, and underserved communities.

Admission requirements:

High school diploma or equivalent (enrollment in CVCC Adult Diploma Program is acceptable). Valid government-issued ID. 

Student PAYMENT PLAN is available to those who qualify.
Job Search assistance is available. Saturday classes may be at an alternate location. Reliable transportation is necessary.

Industrial Careers Adult Education Student Handbook


Fall 2024
Start: 10/02/24
End: 4/30/25


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