CVCC Success academy

Success Academy

This program is designed to help students improve academic competence, graduate from high school, develop employability skills, implement a career plan and participate in a career pathway in preparation for postsecondary education and/or careers.

Success Academy provides a combination of educational and shadowing opportunities for student success, based on a Career Intervention foundation. The Success Academy ‘course’ is one period per day, followed by a period of English, Math, and History per day as well.

The key principles of the Success Academy Program are based on seven of ten High Schools That Work research-based key practices linked to student achievement and the integration of academic and career-technical skills. These principles guide the Success Academy design and delivery to best meet student needs.

The program covers topics which include: Social and Emotional Skills, Postsecondary and Career Preparation, Financial Literacy, Information, Media and Technological Literacy, Health and Wellness Literacy, Business Readiness Skills, Ethics and Legal Practices, Safety, Communication Skills, Customer Service, Economics, Entrepreneurial Concepts, Problem Solving, and Critical Thinking. These topics are presented with an emphasis on standards which focus on attaining a job/career.

Throughout the year, class time will also be used to monitor, remediate, and counsel students to support them as they progress through high school.



Year 1

Freshman level course for Math, World History, English 9, and CBI (Career Based Intervention)

Year 2

Sophomore level course for Math, American History, English 10 and CBI


Mr. DeGirolamo
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Ms. Jakubczak
Social Studies Instructor
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Ms. Nonno
Math Instructor
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Ms. Schentur
English/Language Arts Instructor
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Ms. Visnick
Math Instructor
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For information regarding admission into the Success Academy Program, please Email Ms. Casini or contact your home school counselor.