Refund & Withdrawal Policy

Refund Policy:

Refunds are issued in the method fees were paid, either by check (once check has cleared) or credited to your account, within 2-3 weeks of processing approved refund paperwork.

Textbook/Material/Supply/Uniform Fees:

Fees are included in the tuition, unless otherwise specified, and are NON-REFUNDABLE. Textbook prices are subject to change without notice.


Students who withdraw before the first day of class and have made payment will be refunded their payment minus a $20 administrative fee within the processing timeline. Students who withdraw after the first day of class or are dismissed due to poor academic performance or attendance will be evaluated to see if they are eligible for a prorated refund of their tuition. Tuition refunds will be prorated based upon the amount of tuition paid and the percentage of the program completed by the student. Students that complete 60% of their scheduled program are not eligible for a prorated refund of their tuition. Books, fees, uniform costs, tools, and seat fee (if required) are non-refundable. (The calculation to determine the percentage of a program completed by a student is based on the number of hours a student could have attended the class up to the date of withdrawal divided by the number of hours in the program.)


If CVCC needs to postpone, cancel, or combine classes for any reason, we will notify you. CVCC cannot assume responsibility for any conflict in business or personal affairs that affect your ability to attend class. Refunds will be processed as stated in our refund policy.

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