Per Ohio Law, House Bill 276 required all school districts to develop and adopt an Anti-Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying policy by December 31, 2007. In addition to the adoption and implementation of this policy, District administrators are required to provide semiannual summary reports of verified acts of harassment, intimidation and bullying to the District’s Board of Education so that information can be posted on the district web site.
All incidents of alleged bullying or harassment shall be reported to:
The District Title IX/Section 504 Coordinators:

The Cuyahoga Valley Career Center semi-annual, 2023-24 First Semester summary report includes three verified acts of harassment, intimidation and/or bullying.

Title IX Training: Sexual Harassment Regulations and Grievance Procedure

Title IX Training for K-12 Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, and Decision-makers

Sexual Discrimination/Harassment Anonymous Report Form

Any person may report sex discrimination, including Sexual Harassment (whether or not the person reporting is the person alleged to be the victim of conduct that could constitute sex discrimination or Sexual Harassment), in person, by mail, by telephone, or by electronic mail, using the Title IX Coordinators’ contact information listed above, or by any other means that results in the Title IX Coordinator receiving the person’s oral or written report. Reports may be made at any time (including during non-business hours), by using the telephone numbers or electronic mail addresses, or by mail to the office address, listed for the Title IX Coordinators. Anonymous reports may be submitted using the below online reporting form.

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