Employer Services

We assist employers with finding job applicants that fit their open positions. We are a technical training campus that partners with eight school districts and offers a variety of programs for adult learners. Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

Benefits of hiring a CVCC high school student include:

  • available to work a minimum of 13.5 hours per week during afternoons, evenings, or weekends
  • provide support to existing staff members allowing them time to perform more specialized or complex tasks
  • provides employers a “trial” period to assess the skills of the intern without the full commitment of being an employee; a great way to bring in possible future employees while reducing the risk of hiring unknown candidates
  • opportunity to teach skills most sought after by the company
  • prepare for the future workforce; these experiences help students develop marketable skills, strengthen their resumes, and make industry connections.
  • CVCC partners with employers to assure student is meeting requirements

If you would like to learn more about our Early Placement, Apprenticeship or Internship Programs, contact Josh Hayes, Assistant Principal, at 440-746-8296 or Email Mr. Hayes. If you would like to learn about our business partnership opportunities, please visit our Community Partnership page.

Job Board

We provide an electronic job board that allows employers to post jobs and connect with desirable applicants. The posting process does not imply that CVCC in any way represents or recommends the employers, nor does it guarantee the accuracy of job posting information.

Employers may choose to have their posting(s) sent to current high school and adult students, alumni, or community job seekers.

Things to know:

  • Job openings will be posted for 30 days
  • Applicants should contact employer directly; preferred method of contact should be included in posting
  • Certain postings will not be accepted:
    • Employment at a private residence
    • Commission only positions
    • Positions requiring any type of fee or retainer
    • Independent contractors
  • All appropriate federal, state, and local labor laws must be adhered to

Click here to post a job.

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