Special Needs Services

Cuyahoga Valley Career Center recognizes its responsibility to the member districts to provide services to students with special needs and help them develop to their maximum potential. The professionals at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center work in concert with the associate school personnel, students, and parents in order to determine the best Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 plan for each identified student.

The process begins with an assessment consisting of work samples, psychometric tests, interest inventories, situation assessments and observations. The results help determine appropriate career choices.

Vocational Special Education Coordinators (VoSEs) are available to serve all students with special needs who attend Cuyahoga Valley Career Center programs. VoSE’s help to ensure that IEP and 504 accommodations are in place for our students with special needs.

Cuyahoga Valley Career Center also offers several programs for students with special needs  to obtain employment skills in marketing and community-based employment. Sales & Service Fundamentals, Job Training and Transition-to-Work are designed for students who need specialized training to gain competitive or  supported employment.

For additional information regarding Special Services, please contact:
Mary Barnes
Assistant Principal – Special Needs

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