Student Support Services

Assistance is available for ANY student experiencing occasional difficulty with academics. The Student/Teacher Assistance Room (STAR) is available for students who have been referred by their teacher and who may need a quiet place to take a test, have fallen behind and need extra help, or are struggling in their course content areas. The Student Support Services Coordinator, Kim Rechner, is available in STAR daily, along with academic teachers on a rotating basis. Our goal is for all students to be successful at CVCC.

Student Support Services also offers individualized assistance and services for students experiencing difficulty with achievement and attendance.  After a process of referral, a team of teachers, counselors, administrators and coordinators works in close communication with parents to effectively address the student’s individualized needs with specific services. 

Who’s Considered “At Risk”?

  • Needs to pass End of Course (EOC) Exams
  • 20 or more absences in the 10th grade
  • GPA below a 2.0
  • Referral by teacher/counselor

The Student Support Team will meet to individualize interventions. Services may include:

  • Academic remediation
  • End of Course (EOC) Exam remediation
  • Attendance intervention
  • Assistance in technical program
  • Practice employability/soft skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Study Skills

For additional information regarding Student Support Services, please contact:

Kim Rechner
(440) 746-8218
Email Ms. Rechner

We help students develop strategies needed to pursue a successful career in a technical area of study. Accommodations such as a quiet area for test taking, reading tests, and clarifying directions are just some of the services available. Students should tell their program instructor anytime they wish to see a VoSE instructor. Testing/tutoring room and offices are located on Level 2, directly behind Engineering Technology.

Tim Averre
Email Mr. Averre

Shelly Schultz
Email Ms. Schultz

Jennifer Standley
Email Ms. Standley

Get to Work! (For help getting work and keeping it while at CVCC and beyond.)

Google Keep (Electronically helps to keep track of everything you have going on (team practices, homework, goals, appointment, tests, etc.)

Quizlet (Makes study more interactive helping you really know the material)

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